The house was custom built in 1990 . The woodshop and motor home storage was added in 1995 the pool was added in 2001 all designed and built by the owner. 

    The house is appox 2500 sq ft 3 bedroom 3 1/2 bath. It includes a balcony  his and her office or sometimes play area for the kids

    The fireplace is natural native stone taken from various local historic houses and is ducted into the house heating system. The house is plumbed and wired for an outside hot water wood furnace including heat exchangers in the furnace and controls on the wall.

   The house is completely wrapped in foil backed foam board and insulated with blown on cellulose insulation making it virtually air tight if desired. 


  The house has a  30 foot long 12 ft wide front porch/deck complete with swing , speakers and overhead fans. One step down from the front porch is a  24' by 24' conversation pit /party area complete with working stone fountain (this was orignal party area before pool was built).  Flanking the convesation pit is a 8ft wide native stone walk leading to the house with built in flower beds complete with automatic irrigation systems. The garage flanking the other side of the conversation pit has an entrance door opening on the patio. The garage is air conditioned and used as a food serving area for really big parties. Two steps down off the north end of the front porch is a tiled veranda which is part of the pool deck complete with a inlaid tile "guard dolphin". Just to the east of the dolphin veranda is a food bar complete with stainless steel sink, hot water heater, refrigerator, smoker and back lighting. To the east of the food bar are steps leading down to the "gaming area" (shaded back yard used for kids games and fireworks on the Fourth of July).

On the back side (east) of the house is a separate  intimate  (16 x 16) back deck opening off the dining room area.


On the south side of the house is an RV hookup complete with power plug in and sewer hookup. We used it for loading and unloading motor home before and after trips and for the occasional friend that came to visit.


About 100ft to the west of the house is an orchard and garden. Their is a 8' x 16" wired and lighted garden shedfor lawn mower storage etc. The orchard includes peach, pear and apple trees of many varieties along with blue berry and black berry bushes.  


Located 100ft southwest of the house is a 40' x 50' shop/motor home storage building . It is insulated, sheetrocked and air conditioned. The shop is heated by a combination wood and waste oil fired furnace. The building currently has 6 rooms (wood shop, electronics shop, entrance parts storage/furnace bay and motor home bay). The building is two story and has two very large up stairs rooms for overflow storage. Located next to the shop is a 70' rohn TV tower. 


 About 300 ft south west of the house is a sand bed filter system developed by the University of Arkansas. It is capable of treating all of the drain water from the house to swimming pool quality. This water has been reused for many years as irrigation for the orchard and hobby garden. The filter system can be turned off and the whole system functions as a conventional septic system if desired.


    The pool is a inground poured concrete wall type. The walls are double reinforced with rebar and include a massive top bond beam cast into the walls. The pool is plastered with a combination marble dust and white portland cement good for 50 years.  The pool has in pool colored flood lights that can turn the pool from blood red to pale blue are any color in between.The entire pool surround deck is porcelain  tile.  The pool includes an automatic pool cleaner and vast recirculation system with sand filters and pumps. The pool has a built in fan system the keeps a winter pool cover inflated so that no leaves or dirt accumulates making it nearly maintenance free. The pool also includes an automatic chemical feeder if needed for times when your gone. The pool is plumbed for solar panels on the house roof (never installed). All of the plantings around the pool are on an automatic irrigation system as are all the flower beds surrounding the house. The pool includes a full bathroom to keep the wet kiddies out of the house. The pool includes a 6' x 8' toy room for all those pool toys. We have had many parties with 30 to 50 people present all easily accommodated. We have breakfast and dinner on the pool veranda when ever possible it really starts and ends a day nicely.

About 400 ft north of the house is a flat bottomed 100' wide "holler" in which we used to have "holler parties" in the winter time. We invited everybody over and built a huge bonfire and roasted weiners and marshmallows the high walls kept the cold wind off and we could party into the night.