The land is located approx 1 miles west of Fayetteville, Ark (home of University of Ark) a town of about 65,000 people. It has approx a 1/4 mile of frontage on Hiway 16 West and about 650' on Elkhorn Springs Rd. (CR659). For description purposes I will divide it up into 5 pieces. 

1st Piece. Starting at the Northeast corner of the property and running about 1000' along Hiway 16 is a line of 50 to 100 year old oak trees just to the south of this line of trees is an open pasture of about 5 to 7 acres. Looking at the Google Earth photo shows the pasture to be somewhat triangular shaped with the broad base end to be along Elkhorn Springs Road. That satellite photo is 5 to 7 years old and shows a lot of trees in the pasture and along the east end that are not there now ( I cleared the land about 3 years ago).

2nd Piece. Running along the southern edge of the 1st piece of property is a ravine (or as we arkansawers call it a "holler") It goes from zero feet deep at the western end (near the EE building) to about 50 to 60 feet deep where it empties out onto Elkhorn on the East end. The holler has several springs in it which keep a spring pool filled at he eastern end. The holler is about 2 to 3 acres.

3rd Piece. On the North West corner of the Land is a 1.79 acre parcel which has a 40' x 60' steel business building (Energy Engineering) on it. The building has city water hookups and is fed with 400amp 460v 3 Phase power. I used the building to build test stands for 2000 hp electric motors. It has bathroom facilities, offices, jib cranes, air compressor and heavy 3phase distribution panels. The building is air conditioned and heated by propane.   The building was completely remodeled about 8 years ago (new roof, new interior walls, ceilings and wiring. The building can be left fully equipped with welders, machine tools, sheetmetal equipment if desired.  Also on the parcel is a rental house and separate garage. The parcel's North line runs for about 170' along Hiway 16 and about 470' due south along the east edge of the overall property. The property is titled separately from the rest of the property so it can easily be spit off and sold. 

4th Piece. Running behind the EE building and along the Eastern edge of the property is another open pasture of 5 to 7 acres. Again the Google Earth photo shows the pasture to be somewhat triangular shaped with the broad end on the Northern end (behind the EE building).

5th Piece. The South Eastern corner of the property is the "house site" it is about 5 to 6 acres. Besides the house which will be described later it has a approx 40' x 60' wooden frame shop building to the South West of the house. This shop building contains a motor home storage bay with 14' ceilings (we keep our 40' motor home in it). The shop building also contains a separate electronic shop and a wood working shop. The shops are insulated , sheet rocked , air conditioned and heated by a combination wood and oil burning furnace. The wood working shop can be left fully equipped if desired along with a sawdust collection system and air compressor. The house site is on a 60 foot high bank overlooking Elkhorn Springs Road and a pretty valley to the east. To the west of the house is a orchard of apple, peach and pear trees along with a small hobby garden. We share our orchard and garden with the deer, squirrels, possums, groundhogs, armadillos and god knows what else. In return they provide a constant source of amusement and  viewing pleasure.. We also have our very own set of owls that hoot and quack like ducks (you have to hear it to believe it). To the north of the house is a 24' by 50' by 8' deep inground concrete plastered pool with a shallow end for kids. At dusk we can lay on our backs in the pool and watch the moon rise. The "house site" and orchard is completely surrounded by oak forests and unless you know its there it can't be seen from any road.



David "Scotty" Scott

15005 Elkhorn Springs Rd.

Fayetteville, Ar. 72704

1-479-521-1959 (home)

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